Ristorante National / Hotel National des Arts et Metiers, Paris x

— 2017

Ristorante National and cocktail bar ‘Herbarium’
are a part of Hotel National des Arts et Métiers

The large Italian restaurent , the Cicchetteria
and speak easy salon are joined under the
skylight of the hotel’s courtyard while
connecting rue saint Martin and rue Reaumur.

The hotel has brought together the expertise of
three luminaries in the Parisian restaurant scene:
Julien Cohen and the duo of Jean-Pierre Lopes
/Thomas Delafon.
The combination of all three transforms the
restaurant into a veritable culinary destination
in its own right.

blue couch

The exclusive double central skylight opens silently towards the sky
in the ‘arts et métiers’ spirit thanks to high-end engineering (DVVD)
which is unique in paris.

hand painted canvas

An acoustic hand painted canvas,
stretches across the restaurant made
with Japanese ink
on natural linen (rue Hérold)
An original work by artist Gael Davrinche
especially commissioned for the space.


The laborious blues and green tubes wall of the Speak Easy Salon
is made with various sizes of pure copper that has been oxidised
to obtain the particular magical expression of time.

This breath taking artistry has been put together according to
a non repeating algorithm and realised thanks to Ronan Masson

bar details
bar brand bar menu
bar details bar details
bar details bar details

The Herbarium cocktail bar materials
are either brut or burnt.

Charred wood, leather bar top
and wild mineral coating realised
with fougère stamps (by Signature Mural)

The bespoke cocktail menu, composed by
head barman Oscar Quargliarini with
the sensory precision of a perfumer.

tube tube
turquoise wall turquoise wall turquoise wall
tube turquoise
leaf leaf
toile toile

Ristorante National / Hotel National des Arts et Métiers
243 rue Saint Martin 75003, PARIS

Interior architecture and design: Raphael Navot
Art Direction: Raphael Navot
Architecture and Engineering: DVVD

The conception of Ristorante National and Herbarium was made in close creative exchange
with Marie-France and Stephanie Cohen (Démodé).

Visual identity: Bepoles
Lighting Consultant: Florian Douet
Vegetation: Kali Vermes

Heartfelt THANK YOU to:

Samy Marciano
Julien Cohen

Marie-France Cohen
& Stephanie Cohen (Démodé)
Jean-Baptiste (AGB)

Gael Davrinche et Sarah Jerome
Rue Hérold
Oscar Ono
Signature Mural
Pierre Frey

Final site photos by Jérôme Galland